Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Stuff

I'm going to be posting some new pieces on Etsy. I just love these because they give me the feeling of Springtime just when we're all craving it. Roses, Roses, Roses - they can not be in bloom early enough for me:)

Mother's Day Brooch or Every Day Pick-Me-Up

Rose Cottage Furniture Applique.  I've shown this on a jar lid but just imagine this on your vanity, dresser or shelf

I already gave these away to my old Penn State Buddy, Kathy, but I think I need to get moving on making more (at least for myself).  I just love these little Easter Eggs


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love these!! They just sing Spring.

laceandlovelies said...

Ilove these.....they are gorgeous....particularly like the way they shine. Beautiful work!