Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blasts from the past

I was looking through some old pictures and thought I'd post a few favorites.

First up, last years Easter dessert plate.  Carrot cake inside these chocolate covered 'eggs'.

These were such a hit that a few months later my son requested them for his 13th Birthday cake. 
chocolate covered chocolate!
This time I created Chocolate cake pops!

May/June is the most wonderfully green time in the garden here.  I just love being in the garden then.  Please visit with me.......
Hostas and a fountain

even more hostas

beautiful foxglove

I'm still working on this project, the transformation of my living room from this.......

 to this..........

CreatingCottage photoshop transformation

I would OF COURSE make my own special cottage style furniture applique for the fireplace redo.  I've already found the soft green color for the walls and after a year of 'discussing' it with him, I've convinced my DH to let us whitewash the brick.  It will really help brighten up the room I think.  The rose print's frame will be painted black.  Mostly because I think all frames should be either black or occasionally white - it's just a think with me. 

 Last summer we finished adding the flooring to the beautiful steps my hubby and kids built.  I painted the front boards and then we used the amazing peel and stick boards from Home Depot.  I love the way it came out and so does Cleo:)

peel and stick flooring
A wonderful Halloween recycle project.  Guess what the recycled material is?

It's cut up plastic litter boxes.  I drew on both sides and hung these everywhere.  They were great.

Another favorite was our study in shrink plastic or SHRINKY DINKS

I hope you've enjoyed this blast from my past.  I wonder what else I'll under.  TTFN

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InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Renee-

Thanks for leaving me the nice comment. I do adore all the white touches and your garden is beautiful. You have a green thumb for sure.

I have never seen carrot cake eggs - very clever and I bet very yummy too.

My best- Diane