Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hosting Hostas

Last year I didn't get to finish my front door walkway garden, so this year I was determined to complete it before the heat and humidity tried to crush me.

Although I had to do a few days of digging out and replanting, cutting the lower level out for the expanded path was just too much to take on myself.  My wonderful guys, hubby and boys, helped me with all the back-breaking labor of leveling hard-as-rock- clay soil.  The only payoff for the boys was that they got to use the hatchet to take care of the really stubborn roots that we kept hitting.

Although my ability to finish the mulching job was called on account of rain, I am already in love with the new look.....

My amazing husband had the idea of facing the front of the raised hosta garden with our reclaimed stones.

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