Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Creating Personalized Memories in Clay

Memories are the most precious things we have, in my opinion, and when we're in jeopardy of loosing a loved one, those memories are what we will keep with us forever.  For that reason, I've created a Christmas ornament to remind a young niece of her time spent with her favorite Aunt.  An wonderful woman who loved her and spared nothing to try and bring her happiness.  This year, just recently actually, the Aunt took her young niece to Disney World so they could continue building those lasting memories as the girl continues to grow.  Of course, it was a Magical trip that will never be forgotten.  There were souvenirs bought, pictures taken, but wanting something more, I've created this personalized Christmas Ornament depicting their time together, their closeness and their love.  It's simple, yet sweet and will have a ribbon on the back with a piece of cardstock over that for a personal note from the Aunt to her beloved niece. 

Since making this piece, I've realized that I want 3-D memories like this to unpack every year and re-remember every time I decorate my tree (which around here is about 3 minutes after we finish Turkey Dinner:).  My Grandmother and I in our dirndls with a blue and white checked tablecloth infront of us at one of the many German/American festivals I attended as a child.  Or the time on a Canadian Lake with friends surrounding us that my father yelled "hey, throw me the mustard" and mom did......Throw it!  Too funny and messy.  My brother and I in the car for hours as we drove non-stop from Rochester NY to Orlando Florida with our camper hitched to the back.  David got the floor space and I got the seat.  Terrible right?  But remember cars were huge back in the early 70's and my brother and I were smaller than.  Or maybe the most heart wrenching memory I'll carry with me.  My husband's niece, who is suffering through the ravages of ALS, who for a brief moment one of the Wednesday's when it way my turn to help care for her, we had a perfect lift out of her motorized wheelchair before transferring to another chair and actually felt like she was "standing" for just a brief time without too much help.  Being lifted and transferred is scary for her, as you can imagine if you don't have the use of your arms or legs any longer.  But this time it just worked perfectly and maybe my being about a foot shorter than her somehow made it better too, I could really get under her.  Although she was leery of standing to long and risking a fall, we stood there a few moments just swaying back and forth in a slow dance.  She looked so happy remembering what it felt like to upright (something most of us take for granted) and I was never happier helping her.  It's a beautiful memory I'll have long after ALS robs us of her.

Okay, wiped away my tears now and still convinced these little clay tokens are something that will bring smiles to everyone every year, even as they think of the ones that are no longer with us.

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