Thursday, October 6, 2011

Handmade Happiness

I've been working on some fun new Cottage Style Accents I thought I'd share with everyone today.
With the rose Furniture Appliques, I've been making them in the shapes of swags and arches and even signal roses. With so much going on lately with a few custom projects (always a welcome form of being busy), my other job as a Virtual Assistant, and just life itself, I have been very behind with getting my pieces added to Etsy. It's something I have to be better at doing it, but the fun and drive for me is the actual creative process and not so much as the 'salesman'. Not that I'm alone in this feeling, I'm sure, but still something I need to work harder on.
For now, here are some fun things I've been passionate about lately........
Large Cottage Accent Furniture Applique. I love the way my appliques look on Shelves, as well as on furniture.
Large Arch Rosebud Swag

Large Single Rose - These can be added EVERYWHERE to EVERYTHING.
The roses just pretty up every little box, cupboard, dresser, window or appliance.
Med Lg Rose Swag
Medium Pink Rose Swag

A fun project that started with my mother, are these rose 'buttons' that to be added to crochet or knitted hats, scarves, cowls and shawls. Using the same yarn, you can tie these buttons to your handmade or store bought Fall warmer.

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