Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Virtual Connections do lead to Actual Friendships

As I slowly get more accustomed to blogging about my life and likes and creations, something very remarkable has happened that I truly didn't expect. Real Connections with real people, virtually. Now working in the virtual world for the past 16 years as a Virtual Assistant, you'd think I'd be prepared for that. For making connections with people, with discovering so many others with similar passions, with making friends. But honestly, I've been blown away by so many of the people I've met (virtually) through my sales on Etsy, through my CreatingCottage Facebook page and right here on my blog. There is an astonishing amount of kinship felt through these connections. The skeptic in me would say that some connections are only borne through the desire to sell, but I have to say I truly believe that most are honest-to-goodness relationships.

Take Pam Baker of Magdalene Jewels, for instance. She tireless reaches out to all her Bbest Etsy team members, followers our work and roots for us continually. Pam is a shining example of the best of the team-players out there. Currently in her blog, she is featuring other team members to show her affection. It's a wonderfully thoughtful thing to do and I, for one, would like to thank her for all the time and effort she takes to express her admiration for handmade art.

As a person who usually found herself among men (ok, boys) as a rule growing up, having only 1 or maybe 2 close friends who were women, I've been so amazed by the comradery, support and general fellowship I've found, although via a virtual route, connecting with so many amazing women.

In 2012 remember to support what you find remarkable in the world, because beauty should never be taken for granted. This year I resolve to compliment more, be vocal about my admiration and foster creativity everywhere I see it! I hope you do too!


MagdaleneJewels said...

Thank you Renee, your blog really touched my heart. I too have found many friends here on Etsy.
You know from the first one of your beautiful rose creations, I was in love with your shop. It was a pleasure feaaturing you and your shop!

Diane Clancy said...


Pamela is just a lovely person!!
thank you,
~ Diane Clancy