Sunday, February 2, 2014

Tutorial on how to paint white furniture WITHOUT SANDING

I recently completed painting my kitchen hutch.  What a good feeling to finally have it done.  Now I only have about 3 more pieces to finish:)

I hate pre-sanding and have gone way out of my way to to find a great way not to have to do it!  It's all about the primer.  Gripper.  I don't care what you're painting or how shiny the surface, if you start with a light layer or two of Gripper, you can paint it.

This piece came from my husbands Grandmother's house.  The glass had been long before we got it, but for my purposes it wasn't a problem.  I needed it as a shove spot more than anything (I can never have enough of many craft things). 

The blue and white toile fabric was a round tablecloth I found on deep discount and used thumbtacks to attach to the back.  I tacked up the whole piece first and lined up the center to have it lay strait.  Then I cut it mainly to shape, folded in the edges to make it clean in the back and re-tacked.  Worked great.

The TUTORIAL on PAINTING WITH SANDING goes like this......

Coat 1:  Gripper by Glidden.  Don't go back over your strokes, maybe even thin it out slightly.  It won't be a pretty coat.

Coat 2:  zinsser primer/sealer/stain killer. Although gripper has some stain blocking abilities, the Zinsser does even more. 

Coat 3:  The top coat is Valspar multipurpose primer. I like this combo for the furniture because it's not gloss but it's also not too flat.

I hope you give it a try and share if you do.

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