Friday, August 5, 2016

Rose Home Office Thumbtacks

I just finished these thumbtacks (pushpins) and listed them on Etsy for sale.  I think they would make a great addition to a shabby chic kitchen note board or home office.

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Anonymous said...

I love your work. It's soft pastel colors. Reach into my soul. And I agree with you about making a creation once and moving on. Lol. I do the same thing. Once I've made something I am ready to try the next idea. There are days when my head is so full of ideas I can think of nothing else , but there are also days when I can't find an idea to save myself . Those are hard days . But again your work is beautiful , simply complicated , one of a kind beauty . Never stop. I'll keep watching to see what's next. Love the large one that's inspired by Chrisy Repasy. Doing more like that would be awesome . You really are a great artist . Hugs Sharon