Monday, July 6, 2009

more fun with clay

I have been going full tilt with the clay latey and having so much fun. I started fairly big and all white but now I've been moving smaller and smaller.....seems to be a trend with me. But now I've started adding color and loving the effects. My love of gardening, cottage styled things and playing with clay all come together making these mini swags and other pieces.

Theses were a study in making my own buttons. I don't know if it shows but the buttons have blue rings and most have 4 holes. No real need to use them as buttons though, they are so decorative they could be affixed to anything for such a charming effect.

Birds, roses, baskets - what could be better!

I really don't think that they color is coming out well but in person they are just adorable. Now to create some fabulous cottage crafts for my home.....stay tuned.

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