Sunday, June 13, 2010

June in the Garden

Welcome ...........

Well, it's June again and that means I'm hoping to be finishing up my main garden plans for the summer. I'm not quite there yet but I am quite happy with what I have so far. Here is a beautiful colored Lilly that is very happy in one of the side gardens.

This yellow is so vibrant, I hope it shows up well!

I have abandoned all other roses now and only grow the Knockout Roses. I have Red and Pink. They really are so easy to grow and I never have any of those blight issues, as with other roses.

I love the way this picture looks with the background fuzzy but colorful. Hubby did a great job!
More purple, the Astilbe gives a nice color among the other plants

See how nice:)

Okay, one more purple. I grew this Malva from seed but realized that I really must grow some more. It's fantastic. I'm going more seeds now....snaps, lavatera, Digitalis and some others I can't remember right now.

Here's a nice area with our fountain and a faux chair potted with bee balm, purple cone flower and some cleome, most of which are yet to bloom. Come back later

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