Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mom was here for a visit on Halloween and that always means I get inspired to crochet again. Although she and my brother both knit now, I'm still sticking to the uncoordinated man's knitting.......crocheting:)

This neck warmer is actually two chains that are chained together. The entire project cost me less than $2 since I found the yarn in the $2 yarn pile at 'justa knitting store' (I think that's the name.). It looks terrific with something casual....the only way I dress.....and my favorite part - it didn't take very long! Gotta love nearly instant gratification. I first saw this idea in a crochet magazine being worn on a child and in multi-colors, to resemble the construction paper, paper chains we used to make as kids. But I wanted an updated, more grown up version and I really like they way this denim looking yarn worked out. I recommend anything that is at least partially natural and very, very soft. Otherwise it may feel scratchy after a while. I've been wearing for daily now that it's cold and couldn't be happier with the results. Next I think a black/white chain might be fun! Hope you give it a try.

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