Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quick Tip

Just a quickie about reusing.....I received a bunch of old T-shirts for the boys. They picked out the ones that fit and/or were interested in, and I was left to figure what to do with the remainder. Of course I could have donated them, like we all do, but this time I decided to use them......reuse them. I cut them up, parts were for cleaning rags (they do a great job when polishing silver) and the main bodies of the shirts I cut into strips. They have been wonderful in the garden to tie up plants. They have some give to them so the plants can grow fatter and not be cut like would happen with garden wire, but they are sturdy enough to really hold a heavy tomato plant to a stake. I also use them to tie up things like electrical cords and paint brushes. It's a great reuse for an old Tshirt that you can't donate due to stains or rips.

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