Monday, April 11, 2011


I started work on a little cupboard a while back  NEW PROJECT IDEA STARTED 3/25/11  and posted a picture of the newly painted little piece and then had to think what I wanted to load it up with.  Well, I'm done and I'm pretty much thrilled with it.

finished at 3am, now hanging up

For the next one there are a few things I'd do differently, like adding some more plates and books, that sort of thing, but for the first shot I'm just thrilled.  This is hanging up between my coffee center (everyone should have one:) and my stove/micro area.  There is this little bump-out that holds pipes and electrical that my cousin (an amazing contractor) turned into the perfect break between my stove and the rest of my counter tops.  And who would have thought it would be just the place to showcase newly completed items.  Yeah!

Cottage Cupboard in my Cottage Kitchen

I kept thinking about adding some folded quilts in this  little amoir but it turned out to be way more time consuming than I could handle yesterday.  Mostly because I was so anxious to get this completed and see what it ended up looking like.  Yes, I'm like a little kid when it comes to that.  I really have to constantly fight the urge to just use what is RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW and IN ARMS REACH because I want it done:)  It's always been that way for me.  I know things turn out much better when I really take my time and take breaks, etc but well.............You know, I want to see the finished product.  It's even worse when it's a prototype like this (the first-run of an idea that's been rattling around in my head), wondering if the idea is worth the effort to invest more time, thought, money.  But I really like this one and I know I'll need to make some more of these!

My hutch holds a plate, decorative egg, frames, a bowl, love doves figurine, books, flowers, a birdhouse and candle sticks

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Kathy said...

I knew this would look great. It's pretty and dainty.