Friday, April 8, 2011

To Get and Give

Everyone knows that handmade gifts are the most precious things you can receive.  So in return for this amazing handmade shawl, I've created a handmade shawl pin.  My mother made me this beautiful piece  - one of my favorite winter items to wear around while working with my clay.  It's shocking how warm you feel when your shoulders don't' feel the breeze.

shawl pin with bamboo crochet hook

 I did the shawl pin with a pop of Spring color.  It's that lovely vibrant green you see when everything is new or being renewed for the year.  I love the way it plays off the subtle color of this shall.

Such beautiful work on this shawl

  And it's so warm, yet not heavy....I love it so much!

Next Up.......
Cottage Appliques

Honestly, I can't stay away from them too long, they are my obsession after-all:)

This picture shows how the appliques transform from your usual white to glazed pink-centered roses that think are so unique and perfect to decorate with. 

Before and after glazing
This is a set of four One-of-kind, yet coordinated, furniture appliques to enhance your cottage look.

the cottage look to perfection!
I love the way these look.  Although a reserved gift, I look forward to the opportunity to create complimentary pieces for all my fellow "Cottage Look" lovers.  I call them "one of a kind" because there are no molds used to create these.  I form each leaf and rose individually. But really that's how your rose garden is formed anyway.  Those subtle differences show the amazing detail in each piece.

CreatingCottage on Etsy!

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Roselle said...

I love your appliques! I will have to visit your Etsy shop. Are they for sale there? Thanks for visiting my blog!

Renee said...

Hi Roselle

All the furniture appliques are handmade and can be made to match your specific furniture. Please do visit CreatingCottage on etsy, I'd be happy to make a piece(s) for you!
Thanks for visiting!

Wendy@Once upon a rose haven said...

Your appliques are Gorgeous!

Hugs ~Wendy

Jaime Lyn at Crafty Scrappy Happy said...

Everything is so wonderful! I had never thought about furniture appliques before----don't know how.... you have inspired me! Thank you to linking up at Crafty Scrappy Happy Me Thrusday!

Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

The appliques are beautiful! Looking great :)