Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fundraiser Fun

I recently had the opportunity to create one of my scherenschnitte designs as donation for a fundraiser benefiting Highland Hospital.  I'm thrilled to say my donation raised a nice amount of $$ for the hospital.

Above is one of the many donation tables...........

My design choice was dictated by the city itself.  Rochester, NY is known for it's Lilacs, so that seemed a pretty easy choice. Next, what would the setting be?  Thinking about all those lilacs, I had the vision of sitting by a window looking onto a field of them.  That's it!  the stained glass top of the window seemed even more romantic, but those panes would have been a bit of overkill on the bottom and would have taken away from the lilacs, so I kept that half completely open.  I think it looks terrific this way.  It's a one of a kind (my original pencil drawing is still on the back) but I do plan on making one for myself.

Thanks David for asking me to be included!

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