Sunday, April 3, 2011

upcycle project for all

This is one of my favorite upcycle projects ever. I have so many of these types of project to post - just not the time to do so.

This bottle is actually a rubbing alcohol bottle (a fantastic thing to use when cleaning your bathroom/kitchen. Just pour contents into a recycled spray bottle and your fixtures and porcelain will shine with disinfected gleaminess) that I first painted with gesso and used the bottle's shape to design a kind of circus tent look. The way these bright colors show off in your garden is amazing. After you've finished painting remember to spray any clear (cheap) high gloss paint. I usually do about 3 or so coasts. This bottle has hung in my garden for three years now - summer and winter - and it looks the same today, as it did when I first planted the impatiens. These flowers, when kept well watered and given a little respite from the afternoon summer sun grew just as large as flowers planted in the ground.

What a great way to get your kids involved. How great would these look in solid colors with white pokadots - your kids would feel so proud!

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Another bottle project is this 3ltr soda bottle. Again,
1. cover with gesso first and let dry
2. paint whatever your heart desires.
3. I painted a random design using all dots - very fun but doesn't really show from a distance, so keep this where people get in and can view it up close.
4. I had originally thought this to be a bird feeder, but it didn't work out. I did enjoy the trailing hot pink petunia here. When it grew to full maturity it was just stunning.

If you do this project, please share it - I would love to see everyone not throwing out their decent sized bottles to upcycle!

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