Sunday, August 7, 2011

Christie Repasy Inspired

As usual, I was compelled to work long into the night when I had a new inspiration.......Christie Repasy.  A well known artist of, what else, Roses!  One piece of hers that I just find so charming, and has that classic cottage style charm is the one of bicycle with a blue basket full of flowers.

Mine is not a copy, of course, but truly inspired by her painting.   Normally I like to keep my clay roses mostly white and highlight with pink, but following Cristie's cue in this work, I developed a new technique last night and I absolutely LOVE IT!  ..... But, isn't that the way, you always love your latest creation right?

I had thought of making this into a pin, but instead I think I will mount on a frame.  Although 2.5" wide x 1.5" tall doesn't sound that large, as a brooch it is quite formidable, which is not always a bad thing but I will mount nonetheless.

I would love to hear any thoughts on my new style.  I'm just hoping it's as well received as I hope it will be.

Happy Creating


chateau de fleurs said...

Wow Renee! you have really captured all the Subtleties of color in your soft pink roses, your work is amazing and I hope your friends embrace your latest creation, XO Christie

Lace and Lovelies said...

Renee, Your newest creation is absolutely gorgeous; You have such a gift. Use it well and keep "creating cottage"..........