Monday, December 12, 2011

Shawl Pins are not just for Shawls

Shawl Pin and Hat Buttons make wonderful compliments to your handmade knit and crochet pieces......
A teal handmade rose button to tie onto a hat or sweater. Use the same knitting yarn to tie this on!
Close-up of a pink and dark green leaf button.

So simple and yet so sweet
Teal is popular this season and here's a teal with neutral roses to wear with many colors
A new buckle for me. A closed top loaded with roses and matching stick!
A tisket a tasket, a sage and lilac basket
A nice grouping - would you like to open your jewelry drawn and find all of those waiting for you:)
Black and white - is there anything more classic

red riding-hood's basket of roses
wear with black, white, red and blue

all red
a scarf/cowl/hair stick
more teal - a very popular color this year
a petite pink wreath
a new design that forms a lovely cross of rosebuds in many colors
BLUE doesn't always mean sad, especially when you're wearing this
This is only a sample of the shawl pins I've been making but I'm so excited about them, I just can't stop.
You know, the 'shawl pin' is not an exclusively relegated to the! They look wonderful as a clasp to keep your scarf closed around your neck, as decoration on your cowl, the stick part alone works as a fastener or even a hair stick. So many uses in one small gift. I hope you all visit CreatingCottage on Etsy to see what I have now and what I've made in the past, that I'd be happy to make especially for you!

I'm sharing my shawl pins with................

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