Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Looking forward

I've been thinking about Fall, which then leads me to think about Halloween, Thanksgiving and, of course, Christmas and I've been working on some new ideas for the appliques.  Scroll work and combining my scherenschnitte with my clay for some delicate ornaments.

 These two really show the scherenschnitte inspiration, I think with a nice ribbon they will work wonderfully on a tree (especially a white tree:)

As for the scroll work inspiration, my new favorite is a biggie.  It's 7.5" x 4".  I know it's looks flimsy but it's actually amazingly sturdy.  I have a 'thing' for swirls and curves.......

Well, maybe laying this large scroll piece on lace wasn't the best idea.......I'll snap another one real soon.  

But, my Fall Applique photographed very well on the lace.  This is such a fun piece to use to temporarily update your furniture for the season.  The repositional putty I send along with the purchases allows the appliques to be temporary.  It's actually the only way I use mine at my house.  This soft Fall colored piece is one that you can leave up from September through Thanksgiving!

Thanks for visiting.......I'll have more to share shortly!

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