Saturday, September 8, 2012

In My Workshop

There are times when I follow my urge to create something new.  This is one of those times.  It may be that now with Fall approaching, I've been concentrating on all the Holiday's ahead of us, with Christmas being the most fun for my style of clay.

A Shabby Chic Christmas is something that I see more and more of lately.  Gone is the bold red and green, replaced with soft pinks and light sages, of course, with backdrops of white or maybe silver and most likely glitter:)

I have been workshoping (that's a word, right?) on some new things......
Miniature ornaments and dolls - Or more accurately miniature doll torsos.  
I'm a bit at a stalemate now though, trying to decide on what other miniatures I want to add and where I'm going with the dolls. 

 I love them and I've always been fascinated with 'tiny people', probably because I'm such a diminutive 5' myself:)


I'm thinking box and jar toppers might be very cute.  Lots of lace, big hats full of roses and old fashioned hairdo's. 
More to follow, as I decide what I'm doing......Wish me luck!

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