Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Is selling your work the point of making it?  I really don't think so and I'll tell you why.  I love to make them, regardless.  Yes, I would hope all my pieces were sold so that they were shared and enjoyed by many but I don't think it would stop me from wanting to make clay roses.

Right now, as I just finished work (I work from home) and decided to jump onto my blog, my mind is spinning on what I want to make next.  I admit there are times when I think I really have to get rid of all these things I've made.  But it's not because it's only important that my work sell but to mentally make room for more ideas.  

I'm one of those people who would be happy to make one of each idea I have - crazy right?!  But that's the way it goes sometimes.  I get an idea and then once I get it out, formed into clay, baked and painted ......Yay, I'm done and I can move onto the next idea.  But, should I be more regimented and make 20 of them, see how they change, evolve and become something new just be recreating them. Yes, I probably should do that, but most often I find I don't!  It's more about realizing something that's been floating around in my head for a while and I just need to create it to see it in real life.

So, I guess to answer my own question - No.  Selling my work is not goal for me (but boy wouldn't I like to support myself with my clay) but in all honesty I really don't have the ability to stop making things.  I guess for some of us, like me, it's the making and not the recognition that is the point.


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