Sunday, May 8, 2016

Collecting Cabochons

A cabochon is basically a flat backed piece, usually a gemstone of some kind but it's a termed used

  most readily to describe something with a flat back.  The furniture appliques I make all have flat
backs, so technically they are cabochons but usually when i'm referring to a cabochon I mean the
smaller pieces I create that are the basis of my pins, brooches, pendants, magnets and decoration on  
plates, boxes, jars and mirrors.

These little works of art and just such a joy to have and hold.  Each one is an intricate little bouquet.   
The layers of glaze give them a smooth finish that enhances all the details.  Sometimes I make baskets of roses, sometimes just groupings.  Recently I've been making Tussy Mussies.  Some I think will have a nice felt background and ribbon to created a very unique shabby chic ornament.

Adding a little bunch of roses here and there can brighten your day, I hope you order one just to see how sweet they are.

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