Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hurray For Me Day

Well, I'm done! I'm done! For the past two weeks I've been painting whenever I wasn't working or sleeping. My wonderful family picked up the slack of dinner, dishes and general cleaning up while I've been racing to finish the display wall for the Christmas Village in Philadelphia. I'm so happy how it turned out. Hubby and I went down to City Hall today for the final installation. It was very cold and both of us completely under dressed, but despite the frozen fingers and toes we were able to get the boards attached to the support frame, add the shooting star and the Happy Holidays sign.

These pictures are a kind of walk through of how I got from blank page to complete.....

Day 1& 2...........finalized the design, traced it onto the plywood, color blocked out the Christkind and most of Santa, the sleigh and his bag.

For the second panel, I was scared to tackle the deer. I first laid out their shapes with painters tape. That worked much better than drawing and erasing. Once I had their basic shapes, I masked them out in white over the tree and quickly headed back to panel one............

So I made a lot of progress and just kept going, motivated by a deadline and my love for painting. Today we headed downtown to City Hall and installed the peak-a-boo display wall. If anyone is in the Philadelphia, visiting for the Holiday Season, please stop by and get your picture taken at the display - I'd love to see them! (please click on picture below to see full image)

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